La Creperie Pierre Grise

By February 15, 2019Cafes

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La Crêperie Pierre Grise (translation = The Crêperie Grey Stone as a tribute to the wonderful seaside town in which it is situated), is a specialty restaurant in authentic French homemade crêpes and galettes (savoury crêpes). Our goal is to bring the authenticity and unique experience in food that you can so easily find in la belle France.

Chef / owner Julien grew up in a small village in Northern France. Julien’s mother, Ghislaine, would make her special crêpes every Sunday. They have always been Julien’s favourite cuisine.

Julien and his wife Alison set up La Crêperie Pierre Grise together in 2015. Their hearts were set on Alison’s hometown of Greystones.  They believe the art of crêpe-making requires specific skill and expertise. All our crêpes are made a la minute, for even more freshness, in an open kitchen. Everything we do has been carefully crafted for you to experience nothing less than the real tastes and flavours of France when you visit La Crêperie Pierre Grise.

The Harbour, Greystones

Phone: (01) 287 8352

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