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Our vision is a local, casual, comfortable café for people to meet and chat while enjoying great food and coffee, or just to sit and watch the world go by outside while enjoying a glass of wine.

Café Gray is connected to the community with a key component of simple but quality snacks, with great coffee and teas. We support carefully chosen local suppliers of cheese, bread, vegetables, juices and our bakers, jams, relishes and soups are all local, giving employment and supporting family businesses and people. Our coffee is the finest – a local artisan roastery.

We serve delicious cakes and scones baked with the finest of ingredients for all tastes, including a selection with gluten free ingredients.

The people of Greystones are very sociable and love to meet up – they love their coffee and we are delighted to welcome our regulars and visitors to the town.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Café Gray.

Telephone number: 087 750 5307

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