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Transform your body and Health in Greystones

Volo is an Innovative body and Health Transformation studio incorporating a 3D infrared body scanner, Personal Training with EMS and Nutrition Coaching

3d Infrared body scanning allows you to visualise your progress by Measuring Fat, Muscle, Bone and how much Visceral fat (Belly fat) you have. Health risks can be identified and a plan of action put into place to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training with Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a fast, effective way to lose fat and build muscle in just one 20 minute session per week which is equivalent to 3 gym sessions per week. Great for people who don’t have the time, motivation, strength or energy to get to the gym 3 times per week.

Evidence based Nutrition coaching will help you reach your goals, whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or overall health benefits. We don’t advocate cutting out major food groups or serious restrictions , instead we work on a balanced approach that you can weave into your everyday life and maintain whilst living your life.

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VOLO, Go Gym, Charlesland Road, Greystones, Wicklow, A63 TV19

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