The Three Q’s

By March 5, 2019Cafes, Restaurants

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The three Q’s is named after the three Quinn brothers who run it, Brian, Paul and Colin,

They like making things from scratch, such as ketchup and mayonnaise. That means a soda bread with Cheddar and red onion, calamari that don’t have industrial grade lagging jackets of batter on them but a more fragile coating of chilli flecked batter. The main of the night could be the mushroom Wellington. It’s a vegetarian dish presented with two pointy cones of pastry filled with a nutty breadcrumb and mushroom mixture.

Beside it there might be a parsnip and pear gratin topped with apple, onion and freshly-dressed salad leaves, the pear turning up the volume on the sweetness of the parsnip just enough without tipping it over the edge – accompanied by a brown booze, butter and cream sauce that’s classically perfect.

The Three Q’s is a great little restaurant which always has interesting menu items for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.  There is an excellent wine list also.

  • Brunch: Monday 9.30-3.30
  • Breakfast: Tuesday-Friday 9.30-11.30
  • Lunch: Tuesday-Friday 12.00-4.00
  • Dinner: Tuesday-Thursday 5.30-10.00
  • Friday & Saturday 6.00-10.00
  • Sunday 5.00-10.00
  • Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 9.00-3.00

+353(0)1 2875477


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