The Bakers Table

By February 15, 2019Cafes

Welcome to The Baker’s Table an independent bakery housed in a 115 year old building in the lovely town of Greystones.  Everything we bake, make or sell encompasses our passion for age old methods, local products and delicious food, cakes and pastries.

Our breads are entirely hand crafted, baked daily at sunrise. Our garden bakery is always happy to receive visitors as we would love you to experience the joy of a beautiful sourdough bake.

Gluten Free Friendly – With freshly baked gluten free bread and treats we can adapt to your dietary needs.

Vegetarian Friendly – What we state is vegetarian is exactly that. No meat or meat derived products used in the making. We know this because we make everything on the premises.

Family Friendly – We welcome families from breastfeeding mums to buggies. And our children’s menu is a big hit with kids of all ages.

The Bakers Table, 1 Trafalgar Road, Greystones

Phone: 01 287 4228