Sweeney’s Harbour Café

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Situated at the harbour, is recognised as serving probably the best fish and chips in Wicklow.  This is the place to stop as you arrive into Greystones from the cliff walk.  Really excellent fresh food, served as a take away or from their little café

Greystones has spoken and declared Joe Sweeney’s its favourite chipper. This was in a hotly contested competition arranged by Paul Byrne at the Greystones Guide.  ‘Like any seaside town, Greystones is proud of its fish and chips,’ said Paul. ‘So when it came to voting for the town’s True Chip Champion, the battle was hard fought.

It wasn’t enough that people just voted for their favourite – They had to state why their chosen chip champion was better than all the others. “They’re the only vegetarian chips in town!”, “These guys don’t use frozen chips!” and “They NEVER hold back on the chips!” are just some of the impassioned pleas we got.’  In the end, it was the town’s most famous and long-running chipper, Joe Sweeney’s, that won the coveted title.

Joe is a long-time member of the community in the town and although retired can be often seen behind the counter keeping an eye to make sure his tradition of excellence lives on.

The Harbour Cafe, Greystones Harbour, Greystones,

Phone: 087 244-8512


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