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Whale Theatre Survey – Have Your Say!

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Take our SURVEY today HERE and help us to shape the future of the Whale Theatre! 

You, our audience members and supporters, are incredibly important to us and we couldn’t do what we do without you. So we wanted to ask for your help in shaping the future of The Whale Theatre.

Please help us to take the next steps together, and Have Your Say by completing our Audience Feedback Survey. The information you provide will help us in making sure we’re doing things right, bringing you the shows you want to see and communicating with you in the best possible way.

We are extremely grateful for your support and we hope that you will take the time to Have Your Say! We miss you and we can’t wait to see you all again soon. 


Elaine Scott Piano and Voice Studio

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Elaine has been teaching piano and voice to all ages of the Greystones community since 2008. She was also the developer and director of the Musical Dots programme for children in the UK, where she taught for 2 years.
Lessons are tailored to the individual student where a love of music is encouraged through supportive and structured lessons; here, she loves to share her passion for music and her love of teaching with every student.
Elaine holds a B.A (Hons) Music and a Dip. Mus and continues to develop her education in the areas of music and child psychology/development.
She also has extensive experience in performance, writing, creative production and recording.
Her studio is based in Greystones Studios, situated above the Whale Theatre, where she holds her much anticipated student showcase concerts twice a year.
087 3366738

DoMiSo Music School

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DoMiSo was founded in September 2005. It was founded and is directed by Clare Cherry Kinito. DoMiSo currently has 130 students.

Clare graduated from Trinity College and The Royal Irish Academy of Music with an honours Bachelor in Music Education, (B.Mus.Ed. Hons R.I.A.M.). She studied cello with Bill Butt during her time in the academy and previously with Úna Ní Chanainn and Moya O’Grady. She was part of the Dublin Youth Orchestras, the National Youth Orchestras of Ireland and various other orchestras around Dublin.  As a result she has immensely enjoyed music from early child hood and would like to share that experience with young children today. She has over seventeen years’ experience teaching children music and a lifetime love and joy of being with children.

Clare is a local musician and is married to Henri Pierre. They have three daughters, Ailis, Gaelle and Lyla. You will meet them as DoMiSo can be a family affair!

086 302 9665

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FourFront Games

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FourFront Games Escape Rooms are an immersive, live-action experience in which teams of 2-6 people are locked in a room and have to use teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving in order to escape in under 60 mins. There are two unique experiences available, both with narratives set in Greystones town.


This old Irish cottage has been left abandoned since October 1967. Its last resident, Brónagh Brown, passed away suddenly in a local psychiatric hospital unable to cope with the thought of “abandoning her baby” at the cottage. However, Gardaí searched her property on multiple occasions and never found any evidence of a child having lived there.

Over the past 50 years, there have been rumours and stories of Brónagh’s demise and paranormal activity around the property such loud wailing followed by manic whispers, flickering lights, and sightings of a woman at the windows. It is widely believed that her spirit haunts her small hillside cottage.

Do you and your team of paranormal investigators have what it takes to solve Greystones’ biggest mystery and rid the cottage of this restless spirit?


Calling himself JACK, a serial killer has been taunting the Gardaí with encrypted letters. After two years of investigations the Gardaí are no closer to uncovering JACK’s true identity and have contacted your team to assist.

Can you solve the killer’s puzzles and follow the clues to catch JACK before he strikes again?


If you have a party of 10 or larger and would like to synchronise your start-times please get in touch at

The 2 rooms have a combined max capacity of 10 players at any one time and there is a 90 minute period between bookings

3 Hillside Road,

PHONE: 089 435 6962

Making Waves Youth Theatre

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A community initiative, the Making Waves Youth Theatre Group is generously sponsored by Ross McParland of Greystones Studios and The Whale Theatre, and facilitated by Ciarán Coogan (actor/playwright) and Aideen Walton (Artistic Director Greystones Players) and administered by Joanne O’Shea (solicitor/community volunteer). We aim to provide teenagers in Greystones and its environs with the opportunity and space to learn about and make great theatre, through workshops, productions and attending other theatrical productions.
This creative space will be a safe and secure one, free of cameras, phones, or social media. Our workshops will take place in Greystones Studios every Sunday afternoon (within the school calendar) between 2.15pm and 4.15pm from Sunday, September 30th.

Ciarán Coogan (Facilitator) is an actor and playwright with 20 years of theatre experience commercially, on stage and on screen. He is an accomplished facilitator and has studied both Youth Arts Facilitation and Youth Studies at Maynooth University. Ciarán’s writing credits include One Man Many Voices, commissioned by St. John of Gods mental health services, which toured nationally. His Counter Culture won Best New Short Play at Boyle Arts Festival 2013.

Aideen Walton (Facilitator) has studied acting at The Lír, TCD and directing at DLI UL. In 2016, she founded Greystones Players, a community theatre group, and is currently its Artistic Director, running weekly workshops for members. Aideen’s directing credits with Greystones Players at the Whale Theatre include Dancing at Lughnasa (May 2017), Connections (four one-act plays, November 2017), The Playboy of the Western World (April 2018) and Summer Shorts (June 2018).

Joanne O’Shea (Administrator), a graduate of TCD, is a solicitor with over ten years’ in-house experience as legal consultant with a charitable organisation and five years as Head of Legal Function there. An active member of the Greystones community, Joanne is a member of Greystones Players and has acted in The Playboy of the Western World and Summer Shorts. She is also a qualified colunetter coach with Greystones Athletics Club.

Whether your interest is in acting or in one of the various elements that go into production – sound, lighting, set design, costume, make-up – this group will have a place for you!

089 412 9272

The Hot Spot Music Club

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Located above the beach house at Greystones harbour marina, the Hot Spot Music Club is a centre for live arts, music gigs & private gatherings.

The Hot Spot Music Club specialises in those acts that are a little too big or a little too unique for your average pub rock gig! It has played host to many a special night, with the likes of Hozier, Scullion, Andy Irvine, Declan Sinnott, Kila, Mary Coughlan, Freddie White and Tir na nOg sharing the stage with local luminaries such as Hue Grass and The Universal Funk Orchestra. Hot Spot Music Club crosses all musical divides from gypsy swing to contemporary Spanish flamenco.

Both a weekend cafe –  you won’t want to miss our free Sunday afternoon jam sessions, where anything from tubas to ukuleles can help make your lazy day that little bit hazier – and a live music venue, The Hot Spot Music Club has the look of a speakeasy and the feel of a naughty house session that’s getting just a little out of hand.

It’s also the perfect venue for your own private event, with full PA.

Phone: 087 2917519

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Whale Theatre

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Situated in the heart of Greystones, the whale theatre is a beautifully refurbished intimate theatre with a unique atmosphere and variety of stage options and seat layouts.

The 130-seat whale theatre opened its doors in September 2017. The theatre’s renaissance came about due to Ross McParland’s acquisition in 2014 of an unfinished 1200m2 development incorporating 6 shops and dance studios.

Ross retained renowned Wicklow designer, Sharon Ryle to advise on creating an intimate venue serving as a multipurpose theatre, the results of which have been widely acclaimed. Overwhelming support has led to the decision for Ross to run the venue himself with a small team focused on fostering culture, creativity and community.

The space measures 400m2 and features a state of the art sound system, a full commercial kitchen and flexible stages and layouts.

Phone: (01) 201 0550

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Cherrylane Art Services

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At Cherry Lane Printing and Framing Services, we have a unique manufacturing setup operating in Co. Wicklow from a building which is over 400 years old where we combine old master techniques along with state-of-the-art techniques, Providing beautiful hand-crafted frames across Leinster, Ulster, Munster and Connaught.

We specialise in Award presentations and Gold/Platinum Discs.  We also provide Picture Framing, Wedding gifts, Giclee printing, Canvas printing and Fine Art scanning.  Our catalogue of in-house capabilities span from the latest computer controlled mount board cutting equipment, CNC engraving, Laser engraving, giclee printing and working with a wide range of materials.

PHONE: 01- 2875565


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Greystones Camera Club

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The Greystones Camera Clubs programme of activities is varied and covers a broad range of items that includes:

Hands-on workshops, Basic camera features for beginners, Lighting setup and studio lighting, Advanced photographic equipment, Processing techniques and software tutorials.  They also arrange regular outings and practical sessions in and around the local area as well as a bi-weekly and monthly competitions for members.

If you interested in joining in the future and wish to be considered for membership, please feel free to learn more  on their website. Bray Camera Club typically meet every Thursday evening at 8pm at the Hillside Evangelical Church in Greystones


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Greystones Art Group

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In 1965 Jim Provost and Sam French together with Jack Sutton, Dr Ryan Tittle, Angela Devereaux and Marian Fagan set up the Greystones Art Group.

The main purpose of the group was, and still is today, to encourage amateur artists. Our aim is to advance our members artistic knowledge and skills through on-going lectures and demonstrations. In addition, we also facilitate an Annual Exhibition of paintings and other works of art, for all our members, both amateur and professional.



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