Camile Thai Greystones

By August 7, 2019Restaurants

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Award winning healthy Thai Restaurant & Takeaway.

Camile Thai, a new restaurant in Greystones is here to spread the good cheer and healthy traditions of Thai food to Greystones. Before you order, kindly scratch any idea you have of a typical Asian takeaway. We deliver a meal experience unlike any other, using high quality Thai ingredients (like holy basil and galangal).  Dishes  are calorie counted and made to order by trained wok chefs in our kitchen. It’s slow food, done fast. And most importantly, we think it tastes really good.
If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll know it as a place of vibrance and celebration – things that are better when everyone can join in. Our selection of dairy-free mains, gluten-free and vegan dishes help bring people of all dietary needs together for a good meal.
We hope you’ll come round and join us.


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